The Best Helmets for Your Next Ride

Motorcycle helmets are a critical tool to help ensure riders stay safe while riding. Having the correct helmets is important to make sure you stay as safe as possible. But who makes the best one? We’ll show you a few below. 

Best helmet for touring  

The ILM Motorcycle full-face helmet is flexible to meet the unique needs of the rider. The outer shell is made from an extremely sturdy material that provides extra safety during a crash. Leaning to the heavier side of helmets the padding on the inside is removable making it easy to clean and replace if needed from long-term usage. The ventilation is far superior to other helmets and most people love the snug fit.  

Best female helmet  

The GLX Chopper Motorcycle Helmet has a beautiful design that is lightweight. The retractable visor makes it very customizable while still maintaining the DOT safety standards. Customers love the adjustable chin strap the most as it gives a customizable comfortable fit.  

Best motorcycle helmet  

The Freedconn helmet has Bluetooth built into the helmet. The battery life of the Bluetooth device inside the helmet can last for a very long time between charges. The ventilation system is far superior to other helmets and it allows for tons of insulation from the elements. The dual visor is a major benefit to the helmet. Most noticed is the lightweight of the helmet while make sure safety comes first.  

Best Budget-Friendly Helmet  

The Bell Qualifier helmet is by far the highest level of quality with the most affordable price for riders. The lightweight and pockets for speakers make the helmet a great value. Designed to be super quiet and comfortable no doubt this helmet is going to be popular.  

Best for Cruising  

The ILM motorcycle helmet is designed to look cool while keeping safety to the highest level. The helmet adds an extra layer to keep your head as safe as possible while riding.  

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